Staging a House For Sale

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the process of staging a house for sale. If you still have some questions, please feel free to contact us.

When home staging in Auckland, we require our own set of key/s to enter the premises, prior to installing staging furniture. This key is kept in the possession of Auckland Home Staging for the duration of the staging period and will be returned when all furniture has been removed.

It is a requirement of AHS that IF there is a working alarm system on the property, this alarm be set at all times and AHS provided with the code. This is a requirement for our insurance. If there is no Alarm, AHS may provide a portable monitored alarm for the staging period.

No. To keep our furniture in top condition we do not allow them to be used by people living at the property.

No, we have concentrated our business model on only staging vacant properties. This keeps our costs down, as part staging normally relates to an occupied property.

The full staging amount will be payable by the client on the day prior to the commencement of the installation of the staging furniture.

The property should be clean and tidy prior to installation of the staging furniture. All building work, plumbing, electrical, carpet, painting, etc. needs to be complete prior to start of installation of staging furniture and accessories.

Clean access is to be provided to AHS to install staging furniture. To comply with the Health and Safety Act, walking through mud on a pathway, unusual dangerous surfaces, or over ramps to install furniture is not acceptable.

The usual staging period is five weeks, including one free week. There is no refund given for a shorter staging period.
After the initial five weeks, fortnightly extensions can be booked if required. Payment is to be made fortnightly in advance. If a property is sold within the staging period, no discount will be applicable for early collection of furniture.

No, staging is very different to interior design, as staging is focused on producing stunning photos for a wide audience. Interior Decorating is focused only on the homeowner’s style. Our qualified staging professionals have extensive experience in selecting furniture and accessories to suit each style of home. We understand the market and we will showcase your property accordingly by optimising the placement of furniture and accessories.

No, our pricing does not allow for this. We stage a large number of properties, and if we were to return to each one to make changes, our competitive pricing would have to be adjusted substantially.

The staging furniture at your property is insured by us during the staging period. The home owner is responsible for the insurance of the home and property. The owner and their agent must however take every reasonable step to keep the property secure during the staging period, including setting alarms at all times, and ensuring windows are secure.

We have staged properties in the past with a day’s notice, but we prefer to have at least 3 days’ notice, to allow us to visit the property and plan. We are most often booked at least 7 to 10 days in advance.

Installation: home staging services generally take around 5 to 6 hours, depending on access and size of house. For home staging photos, we suggest you book the photographer the next day.


Thank you for your support.