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The goal of home staging is to present a home in the optimal way for it to sell faster and for more. A professional stylist transforms the property with furniture and accessories to maximise its appeal to buyers.


With our ever-growing inventory of furnishings at hand, our stylist will select the most appropriate furniture and accessories to be installed in every room of your empty home. The installation generally takes five to six hours, depending on access and the size of your house.

The usual staging period is five weeks (four weeks plus 1 free week). We present your home to allow for the best possible photographs.


Buyers find it hard to visualise themselves living in an empty room or a room full of furniture belonging to someone else. Home staging creates a warm ambiance in which buyers can picture themselves living. Buyers often buy the dream rather than the house.

Small flaws in a house can become very apparent if it’s empty. Home staging is perfect for drawing attention away from a house’s shortcomings and enhancing its best features.

It’s widely agreed that staged and well-presented properties sell quicker and for more money. This is no surprise given how much extra interest staging can attract from buyers.

What the Statistics Say

According to a 2017 survey of agents from the largest real estate franchise in South and East Auckland...

A staged property sells for 17% more than an un-staged property, and sells 50% faster than an un-staged property.

99% of real estate agents interviewed believe that a staged property sells quicker and for more money.

“More buyers come through the open homes and enquire about a property for sale, as a direct result of using the photos of a staged property in marketing campaigns, rather than a property that is empty”

Why Auckland Home Staging is Different


Forget boring interiors that don’t provoke a second glance from viewers – we make your home memorable. Our creative flair, coupled with our industry knowledge, makes us experts at bringing together the latest styles in harmony with the individuality of your home to create a unique look. We give your home the extra edge that leaves a lasting impression in buyers’ minds.


With over 20 years’ experience in buying and selling properties, our team has inside knowledge of current trends. We know what makes a property sell and we know what attracts buyers most. This information is invaluable when styling your home.


Our love for fantastic interiors and exceptional design means we consistently achieve great results. Exceeding client expectations is the norm at Auckland Home Staging, and the pride we take in our work has been proven time and time again as we continue to go above and beyond to ensure our clients get the best possible outcome from our services. You only have to look at what our happy clients have to say to see the fruits of our efforts.

Time to Transform Your Home!

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